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Mara Jade


January 16th, 2010

Jailbreak (completed RP with [info]emperors_blade)

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Starkiller-- Galen-- (he was still having trouble with the whole name thing) had learned lot of things in the months since he and Mara had first been put together by the Emperor. He was pretty sure that 90% of the things she had taught him were not on Palpatine's list of things that Darth Vader's former apprentice was supposed to have picked up from the Emperor's Hand, unless the old Sith had been counting on an attraction forming between the two of them. It wasn't a thought Galen entertained willingly, but it wasn't a plot he would have put past the twisted old man. In any case, something Mara Jade had taught him that would have met with Imperial approval was the idea that maximum collateral property damage was not always the best plan in every circumstance.

It was that conviction that eventually resulted in their current predicament. What should have been routine maintenance on Mara's ship had become a dangerous proposition, as the necessary parts were only to be found on planets along major trade routes, destinations that the two fugitives had been avoiding as much as possible. But since the ship was their means of staying away from the Imperial agents who were almost certainly out to kill them, there really wasn't a choice. Malastare, despite its location, was not a particularly impressive or important planet, making it the best choice. Unfortunately, it only took one too-diligent dock officer to call for backup before either Galen or Mara could mind trick him and the presence of too many civilians to make a violent escape viable to ruin a day.

And so it was that the overweight and underpaid commanding officer of the local Imperial garrison casually threw them into what the man was sure were inescapable holding cells. Together.

Galen dropped onto a hard metal bench. "This is almost embarrassing."

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February 24th, 2009


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01.) Full name? - Mara Jade
02.) Best friend? - None. As the Emperor's Hand, she has to be a loner.
03.) Sexuality? - Heterosexual, but she'd be willing to sleep with a woman if that was what was required of her for her mission to be completed.
04.) Favorite color? - Purple, mainly because of her lightsaber. Emperor Palpatine gave her the purple crystal to use to make her lightsaber and told her there was only one other purple lightsaber, ever, so it is very special. Mara just doesn't know that the crystal came from Mace Windu's lightsaber; she thinks it's special and important because the Emperor cares for her.
05.) Relationship status? - Um, is basically a fuckbuddy right now with Galen Marek, AKA "Starkiller", the Secret Apprentice.
06.) Ideal mate? - Luke Skywalker, once she gets past all of her Sith/Dark Side ways. However, this version of Mara probably never will.
07.) Turn-ons? - Being in charge during sex, and connecting to someone else through the Force during sex.
08.) Last sexual experience? - With Galen in her ship after he was released from a medical ship where they repaired a lot of his mechanical body.
09.) Favorite food? - She doesn't have any. It's just not something she thinks about because of her training. Mara is more about the business-end of things at this point in her life.
10.) Crushes? - None. Mara really doesn't have time for them, but she's finding herself getting attached to Galen more than she'd expected.
11.) Favorite music? - Classical music from Mon Calamari, similar to what was once performed at the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru District on Coruscant.
12.) Biggest fear? - Finding out that she was right to distrust Emperor Palpatine, because he is all she has at the moment. Without her family, he took her in and without him, she'll have nothing -- or so she thinks.
13.) Biggest fantasy? - That her parents are alive somewhere in the galaxy.
14.) Quirks in bed? - She sleeps with both her blaster and lightsaber near her bed. In terms of sex, she wants to open up fully and embrace the Dark Side of the Force by connecting with Galen during sex, and it both scares and excites her.
15.) Bad habits? - Not trusting anybody but herself.
16.) Biggest regret? - Not speaking to Vader about his seemingly jealous attitude towards her and her position as the Emperor's Hand. Mara doesn't like secrets, and she knows Vader kept a big one from her, but she was never sure how to go about asking him what it was since he was the Dark Lord of the Sith -- a higher, more prominant position in the Galactic Empire than she ever really wanted.
17.) Best kept secrets? - Other than her assignments? That she is slowly developing feelings for Galen Marek and is ready to go rogue if she discovers anything about the Emperor that she doesn't like.
18.) Last thought? - "Who the hell was that half-naked woman kissing Galen, and what sort of name is Maris Brood?"
19.) Worst sexual experience? - The Duke she slept with once for a mission to get intel. He was old and fat, but it was part of her job. Mara let her mind wander during the entire thing, but she still remembers it.
20.) Biggest insecurity? - That she will never be able to develop her Force powers the way she wants. She sometimes wonders if her powers are stronger than Palpatine has let on.

January 26th, 2009

Ten Super Powers You'd Like To Have

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1. Any
2. of
3. Galen's
4. with
5. the
6. Dark
7. Side
8. of
9. the
10. Force

Mara Jade
Star Wars

January 2nd, 2009

The Choice (rp for [info]emperors_blade)

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OOC: Takes place following THIS.

Mara was alone in the Emperor's library, looking up some facts that she didn't need to know. Really, she just needed a place where she could think alone and uninterrupted. It was the best she could think of.

After that display of power from her Master, she had no words. It wasn't the use of the Force he'd shown, or the fact that he had taken the Kid to task for almost sabotaging their mission. She'd done the same thing, actually, but it was the sheer ruthlessness that she'd witnessed.

Galen was green, sure, but she wasn't so positive he was deserving of a punishment that would land him in a medship. And to see that most of his body was mechanical...? She was surprised, frankly, that his ability to use the Force was so strong, considering.

It just didn't feel right to her. She served the Empire. She wasn't so sure about the Emperor anymore, though.

Finally leaving to go to Caedus, where Starkiller would be hopefully patched up and his mechanical parts repaired, she made her decision. As Mara strode purposefully into the room where Galen was recuperating, she looked down at him and smirked. Yeah, she knew he wouldn't like pity, so he wasn't going to get any from her. Sympathy, empathy... that was different. But pity? No.

"Get up. Time to go. Another day, another mission, and I need you by my side, Galen."

Mara hoped he understood what she was really saying.

December 27th, 2008

Current annoyances

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1. Starkiller
2. Galen Marek
3. The Kid
4. The Emperor's newest pet project
5. Any other name you want to call him. He's a blasted annoyance.

Mara Jade
Star Wars

November 14th, 2008

Element of Surprise (rp for [info]emperors_blade)

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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD.

"You idiot!"

Mara was storming her way through her ship, a smaller one than the type she typically used, as she began punching in coordinates to get them the hell away from Corellia and off to any star system as soon as possible.

Sure, Kandar Cee was dead. They'd completed the mission, just like the Emperor had requested, but Mara knew how to get things done quietly. Go in, get out, no one's the wiser. It was why she had a variety of "costumes" so she could blend in with locals, no matter where she was at.

But oh no. That wasn't what happened. Starkiller had to decide to go and show off his Force powers by bringing down an entire building on top of the spice merchant, and now the locals were after them. She looked back to make sure the Kid was inside and then she began piloting the ship away, finally setting the controls to auto-pilot as she swung around in her chair and stomped back to him, backhanding him hard.

"You idiot," she repeated. "You could've gotten us killed! Or discovered, blown our cover... no wonder I'm suppose to make sure you stay in line. You pull anything like that again, and I don't care if you're my Master's prize toy. I'll be dropping you off at the nearest swamp planet!"

Mara spun again and began taking her "costume" off as she made her way to her quarters.

November 12th, 2008

To-Do List

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1. Kill Kandar Cee and get off Corellia as fast as possible.
2. Make sure Starkiller doesn't screw up the mission.
3. Watch him for Emperor Palpatine and report back to my Master.
4. Repair Kaythree. He seems to be acting up again.
5. Refuel my Z-95 Headhunter at the next system after we drop out of hyperdrive.
6. Check out the crystal in my lightsaber, and make sure the blaster's perfectly operational.
7. Meditate.
8. Have sex with Starkiller Galen again. The Kid needs lessons.

Mara Jade
Star Wars
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